I Am Alive

I just wanted you all to know that I am alive. We are currently in the process of moving so I have no internet and I detest typing on my phone. Can we say fat fingers? Haha.

Anyway lovelies I am still around and shall resume writing away shortly after we get settled into the new house!

Love and light!

Why I Decided to Veil

Have you ever felt the NEED to do something that you cannot explain; the desire to do something that is life altering although you cannot express exactly what it is that is drawing you to make the change? For me the idea of veiling is that need.

I would say that it started a while ago, the concept that there was something missing in my daily religious practices. A few weeks ago I began to have dreams in which i was veiled. This wasn’t a practice that I saw myself doing only when I was in prayer but also in my daily life. Now at this point it is important to note that I had no idea that there was a community of pagans who not only felt the same way but also were practicing this amazing concept in their daily lives.

As the weeks went by and the dreams continued to be more and more persistent I began actually looking into veiling as it could relate to Paganism. The more that I learned the more that I began to see that this was a calling to me from one of the Goddess that I worship, Hestia. I decided that I needed to take to the calling and a little under a week ago I began to veil full time.

While I was looking into the idea of veiling I came across several different blogs and sites from other people who had traveled down this road before me. I told myself that if I ever decided to start veiling and when I had a better understanding of what I was doing that I would start a blog myself… with the idea of hopefully helping other people who had the desire to veil find the confidence to do so. However, as I have stated before I am still very new to the physical practice of veiling. So maybe I am a little early with starting this journey, but i noticed with all of my research that I didn’t come across anyone who blogged about their experiences from the start of their journey.

So I suppose the long and short of it is that I have a desire to fill that particular gap. So while I am 5 days into this journey I have decided that I would start a blog now in hopes that someday someone who is like me will stumble upon it and that perhaps some of the confusion that may follow when making the choice to veil will be cleared up.

At least that is my deepest hope.

Love and Light