A Few New Scarfs

Today I got a really great present. Last week my mother got me a gift certificate to wrapunzel for my birthday next week. She gave it to me early in hopes that I could use it and get my items in time for my birthday. Lo and behold they came in today. I was so happy that i actually wanted to do a little dance.

Part of the reason that I was so dang happy about the new pashminas was not just because they were new and oh so beautiful! It also had a lot to do with the way that I covering my head. Now I don’t think that there is anything wrong with using things like infinity scarves and such for a veil. However, there is something that is just amazing about having a few beautiful pashminas that were made just for wrapping my head. It feels like a hug just for my head.

Better yet because of the new shapper that I got it is a lot easier to actually tie two scarfs at once. So i gave it a shot today… and it didn’t turn out half bad… at least not half bad in my opinion. Of course I am always open to help with other ways to tie a pashmina… so hit me with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Light


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